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Chocolate Oat Cookies


120 grams of rolled oats

2 table spoons of flax meal (you can grind the flax seeds into a meal in a spice grinder)

2 table spoons of almond milk

1 tea spoon of cinnamon

4 table spoons of row cocoa powder

2 table spoon of brown sugar

60 grams of coconut oil (melt before adding)

Drop of vanilla extract



Mix almond milk and flax meal in to the bowl. Let the mixture stay for 7 -10 minutes. In a separate bowl add rolled oats, brown sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, raw cocoa powder, vanilla essence and flax meal mixture. Mix all evenly.

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Take small amount of the mixture and form the cookies. Place them on the baking tray and put them in to the oven.

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Bake them for 15 minutes until firm and then put them aside to cool down. Serve with the cup of milk, tea or coffee. Bon appetit!

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