Salmon Salad


Ingredients for salad:
½ pack of Organic quinoa and wholegrain rice (from Seeds of Change; you can buy it in Tesco or Waitrose)
2 small fillets of fresh salmon
1 pack (160 grams) of beetroot salad, which includes:
Lambs Lettuce, Beetroot (35%), Baby Spinach, Chard ( from Tesco or Waitrose)
1 small red onion, chopped
7 cherry tomatoes, halved
Ground black paper
Olive oil for frying
For the sauce:
3 table spoon of olive oil
1 tea spoon of lemon juice
Sea salt for your taste
Few drops of honey

Preheat the oven to180°C. In the meantime, rub salmon with the ground black paper sea salt and sprinkle it with the olive oil. Place fish into the cooking foil and put it on the baking tray to cook for 20 minutes.
Combine all salad ingredients in the bowl. Then mix all ingredients for the sauce in the separate dish. When salmon is ready, remove it from the baking tray and leave to cool down. Cut salmon into the chunks and add to the salad mixture. Mix salad with the sauce. Bon appetit!

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