Agenda Nutrition, Balancing Nutrition and Health provides several key services to help our clients with their weight loss and healthier living programmes:

Nutrition Seminars

You will learn about some positive life changes to push you towards achieving your goals. You’ll listen to presentations on eating well, positive and negative eating habits, fun dietary swaps and weight maintenance strategies.

These seminars are a great way to combine your motivation and positivity, with some in depth knowledge and answers on key nutritional questions.

Nutrition Education

We can help you choose healthy foods and explain what food labels really mean. Understanding exactly what is in your food and the effect it has on your body is vital in maintaining a healthy diet.

We love to get you excited about exploring new recipes and cooking ideas, which will give you the motivation needed to stick to a diet plan.

Agenda in your kitchen

Agenda can help you to prepare your shopping list and refill your fridge and cupboards with the healthy food. This would be a good encouraging start to your dietary changes. We will give you some healthy cooking tips, teach you how to choose ingredients and prepare tasty meals and treat yourself and your family!