“My reason for contacting Julija was to reorganise my eating habits. I used to have no eating routine at all. I could easily skip my breakfast or lunch, or both of them, and then eat and eat in the late evening until bedtime. This never made me happy and I felt guilty afterwards.
I met Julija in November and since then everything has changed.

The consultation was friendly but extremely thorough, starting from childhood through to my current life. I found Julija easy to talk to and felt happy to ask and answer questions. Even after the first meeting, I picked up a new tip – replenish water loss, which I never forgot since.

Soon after I was given my individual eating plan for 7 days, which included breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. It was very easy to follow as I was eating something every 2,5 hours. Meanwhile Julija was only a phone call away ready to help or give advice. The first changes I noticed in a weeks time. I felt much happier and more energised. Within a little bit more than one month I was 6kg lighter. The changes were so easily achieved and so visible!

There is no need for me to follow the diet plan as strictly as I did at the beginning. I developed my new eating habits. Now I will never touch certain food and can’t live any more without my cinnamon, natural yogurt and goat cheese.

I credit Julija for these changes and would recommend her to others.”

“Next year I turn 50. I have never been too skinny or overweight. I have always thought that I eat healthy, keeping to foods with low calories.  However, in the last eight years I began to gain weight and feel more and more tired, both of which I put down to age.  My meeting with Julija changed my life dramatically.  Having analysed my daily meals, Julija concluded that I was not eating enough.  It turned out that I get not enough calories per day, but what was even worse is that my body was deficient in iron, calcium, vitamins B.  Julija worked to develop a suitable personalised eating regime, which after only a month and a half helped me lose 7 kg.  More importantly however, I no longer feel tired; I have regained my energy and strength. And I eat a lot more now than ever before!  I would definitely recommend Julija’s services to anyone who is looking to establish a more nutritious and healthy diet.”